Beginner’s Guide To Fitness: Purchase Now

When I started working out in 1998, I was bombarded with so much conflicting information. I read so many different articles  about nutrition and training. This left me confused and frustrated.

I  am guessing you feel the same way? After competing in over 25 bodybuilding and fitness shows, I have figured out what works best. This is why I wrote this book. To help you get started on the right path. Welcome to Beginner’s Guide To Diet And Training.

This book is geared towards beginner’s. Beginner’s are new to the world of training and have less than a year of training underneath them. However, you will find this book beneficial even as an intermediate lifter as well. This 120 page book breaks down everything into a very simplistic manner so you can understand everything. If you don’t understand anything in this book, send us an email at Tell us you have purchased this book and reference the part you want some clarification. This book is not to encompass every aspect of training and nutrition but it is a stepping stone to get you on your way to making tremendous progress without suffering the initial phase of confusion. Learn the fundamentals of weight training, stretching, cardiovascular workouts, supplements, weight loss, building muscle, and diet.

This book will feature the following chapters:

  • Understanding Genetic Limitations
  • How To Figure Out Macros
  • Guidelines For Weight Training
  • Guidelines For Cardio
  • Guidelines For Stretching
  • Setting Goals
  • Learning The Proper Way To Get Cut
  • Learning The Proper Way To Bulk
  • Sample Diet Plans
  • Recommended Foods
  • What Is Flexible Dieting
  • What To Do When You Hit A Plateau
  • Supplement Recommendations
  • Sample Workout routines (Home & Gym)

Ready to kick start your fitness? Download your copy today!

Beginner’s Guide To Fitness: Purchase Now