Lose up to 10 lbs and say goodbye to low back pain!

Online Personal Training Program

Are you tired of going to chiropractor or massage therapist to fix your low back pain? One of the best ways to fix your low back is to lose weight and strengthen your core(abs) muscle. As we age our muscle mass slowly declines. Add in a sedentary job to the mixture and we often wonder why our low back has issues.  Finding the proper balance when it comes to exercise is the key to achieving the best results. This program is specifically designed to help you lose body fat, gain strength, and strengthen your low back at the same time. Purchase this package today and let TheWorkoutLoft help you reach your goals.

What is included in the program:

  • free nutritional guidelines and customized 10 week program to help you reach your goals
  • access to a private Facebook group
  • mobile friendly – follow your program from anywhere
  • weekly email support
  • weekly review or adjustments (if needed)
  • access to over 100 video exercises which are in the program
  • muscle summary sheet
  • training guidelines
  • fat loss tips
  • 3 resistance workouts weekly (men)
  • 2 resistance workouts weekly (women)
  • 2 cardio and core (abs) workouts weekly (men and women)
  • mixture of high and low repetitions to shock your muscles
  • and much more

The next steps after purchasing this program:

  • you receive paperwork which needs to be signed and sent back
  • finish setting up account on fitness software (view videos, tracking)
  • 5 week customized training program will be sent to you (the other 5 week training program will be sent 3 weeks after)
  • weekly check-ins by email
  • progress point checked at 3 weeks
  • assess progress at the end of program

10 Week Training Program – $229 (Plus HST)