Nutrition And Training Combined With Extra Support

Need extra accountability? Some people just need that extra push to reach their goals. This membership has all the benefits of the silver and gold, but you will also receive an hour online virtual training once a month. Choose between fat loss, gaining muscle, or maintenance.

What is included in the membership:

  • personalized nutritional guidelines along with food recommendations
  • access to a private Facebook group
  • mobile friendly – follow your program from anywhere
  • weekly email and phone support
  • weekly review or adjustments (if needed)
  • access to over 100 video exercises which are in the program
  • muscle summary sheet
  • training guidelines
  • workouts designed for home or the gym
  • 2 resistance training workouts weekly (men and women)
  • 2 core (abs) workouts weekly (women and men)
  • cardio and stretching recommendations included
  • weekly schedule designed for you
  • 1 hour online virtual workout with Paul Nam each month
  • copy of Easy Fitness: Resistance Band Training book

The next steps after purchasing this program:

  • receive paperwork which needs to be signed and sent back
  • finish setting up account on fitness software (view videos, tracking)
  • 4 weeks of customized training programs will be done for you in the membership portal
  • nutritional guidelines will be sent to you
  • weekly check-ins by email or phone
  • progress point checked at end of each month

Platinum Membership Program – $299 Monthly (Plus HST)