I’ve been training with Paul for almost a year now. I started with him because I was recovering from an illness/stress and I needed to gain strength to fully recover. Paul assesses me weekly and creates routines that are challenging but not punishing. He always finds the right balance for your energy levels that day. He’s professional, he listens and is easy to converse with.” Joanne G.

“I am 63, and this is the first time in my life that I have been exercising consistently for more then 3 years, and I plan on being a Workout Loft client until I’m well into my 90s!” Linda D.

“I’ve been a client of Paul’s at TheWorkoutLoft since 2014. Paul is a knowledgeable, kind, encouraging, motivating and extremely supportive trainer. His programs are always tailored to my specific needs. I’ve become stronger, have more energy and absolutely love my workouts thanks to all his expertise, guidance and motivation. I feel grateful to have such an incredible trainer who listens and has supported my health and exercise goals for the past few years. I highly recommend him.” Kathryn H.

“I was tired of contracts & machines & was happy to discover Paul really only looks for personal commitment to physical health. The Workout Loft is an essential part of my week & I’m not the same without it!” Jill K.

“Paul is an excellent fitness trainer and nutrition guide. He worked with me from exactly where I was at, making sure that I wasn’t pushing so hard that I could injure myself. He pushed me hard enough to build some strength and to feel more physically fit and energetic. Nutritionally, he suggested ways to improve my diet, and encouraged a steady but moderate weight loss goal, so as to build sustainable healthy eating habits. In 5 weeks I lost 5-6 pounds, and I feel empowered to continue to eat well and stay fit. I appreciated Paul’s gentle yet direct, respectful manner, and his close attention to my progress. If you need a little boost to get back on track with your physical health, I highly recommend Paul as your trainer and nutritional coach.” Michelle (RP and former profession dancer)

“Paul puts you through exercises that work your weak areas in a way that gradually requires you to push yourself towards your overall fitness goals. Each workout is carefully calculated & is tailored to you. Paul’s diverse fitness background makes for a different workout every time as each muscle group is challenged from all angles.” Jill K.

” The first time I have seen positive results and I can’t wait for the next session. ” Peter L.

” My trainer Paul makes coming to the gym and working out an enjoyable and fun experience. It is obvious that he really loves doing what he does and his enthusiasm rubs off on his clients. ” Steve L.

“Paul is as pleased with your success as you are. He is genuinely committed to helping you get stronger.” Peter P.

“Paul, Thank You! With your professional training and encouragement to help me get into better shape. By eating properly and giving me the encouragement to get me to where I am from 209 lbs to 181lbs. I have lost 3lbs off my waist and have kept the weight off. Cheers to you!” Jim Hunt.

“I love how my body has been transformed, and look forward to learning how I can further challenge myself.” Sharon D.

“I saw amazing results not long after I started and received easy to follow advice that worked well with my lifestyle. As a result, I’ve made a lifelong commitment to my health and well-being.” Kim M.

“Set a goal and put yourself in his capable hands and I guarantee that he will get you there. No huffing and puffing….he makes working out so easy, without pushing you beyond your limits and the end result is proof of his expertise. Thanks Paul.” Indra P.

“They make it easy to keep fit and have fun. I really enjoy coming here :). ” Brian P.

“He really knows his stuff when it comes to training and nutrition. I am extremely pleased.” Peter P.