Sticks. Bones. Twig. These are the names I remembered being called when I was a kid. Having braces, being smart, and playing the clarinet did not help with my self esteem issues. The good old days? I am thankful for having a good family but being skinny and getting picked on was not fun.

It seems like obesity is one of the biggest health concerns now in today’s society. Let us not forget about the smaller percent of the population, the skinny people.

Here are 4 things I miss about being skinny:

1.Getting Very Little Attention From Girls

When your a twig, people don’t notice you at all. Especially at the beach or a swimming pool. Muscle commands respect. When I was 205lbs of muscle, people use to stare at me like I was some kind of freak. I  loved the attention. Was I healthy, no. Was I jacked on performance enhancing drugs, yes. The bottom line here is if you workout and keep in shape, people respect and notice you more.

2. Being Picked On

No one likes a bully. They are seen in everywhere in school and even in politics. When your skinny, you get picked on. I use to get picked on in grade school all the time. All that changed when I started to get serious about weight lifting in grade 10. After putting on 20lbs of muscle and some fat, no one bothered me anymore. The only drawback was all the food I had to eat and the extra trips to the washroom. When you exercise it helps to boost your self confidence and mood. Who knows, that bully may even stop bothering you at work.

3. Looking Funny In Clothes

When your skinny, even the tightest jeans don’t fit properly. If your built from doing all those squats, your legs and butt will look perfect in those jeans. People judge each other on what type of clothes they wear and how they fit. I use to dress like a hip hop artist in grade 9. Baggy jeans, baggy shirt, and a hat backwards. I looked like an Asian homey. That lasted for a year until I started to realize I wasn’t cool. After putting on 20 lbs of muscle and dressing like a normal human being, I started to get the respect I was looking for. How you look and dress will affect how people perceive you.

4. People Automatically Think Your Sick

Are you feeling okay? Did you eat enough today? Those are the questions I use to get in grade school. When your a twig, people think your undernourished or have some sort of disease. This is true to some degree as sick people have a hard time eating and are underweight. When your buff or fit, you exude confidence and health. What do you eat? How often do you workout? These are the types of questions I get now.

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All in good health,

Paul Nam