Let’s get right to the point. Fat loss and gaining muscle are two of the most sought after topics when it comes to fitness. With so much information out there and everyone claiming to be an expert, it is hard to figure out the proper formula for success. Here are five tips related to fat loss and muscle growth which I have used on all my clients and myself.

Five Rules For Muscle Growth

1. Never let yourself get hungry. You need a consistent flow of nutrients to your muscles all the time when building bulk. Have snacks around you all the time. Snacks like protein bars, nuts, and cheese.

2. Train heavy or increase the volume of force on your muscles. Your muscles grow from extra stress that comes from heavier weight or increased volume.

3. Get adequate rest in between your workouts and at night. Your muscles grow when you rest. Do not over train as this is counter productive to growth. If you have not fully recovered from your previous workout, take another day off. More is not always better.

4. Do not stop cardiovascular workouts completely. When people bulk up, they often neglect cardio. Just cut down on the volume and intensity of those types of workouts. Just do light walking instead of running. Doing light cardio will help with keeping your BMR up, which will help burn more calories efficiently.

5. The top 5 supplements to use when bulking are creatine hydrochloride (HCL), weight gainers, omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins(if needed), and whey or isolate protein powder.

Five Rules For Fat Loss

1. Never eat until your completely full. Eat until your 80% full. That means chew your food slowly.

2. Train in the am if you can. Your glycogen levels are lower in the morning, so you will burn more fat.

3. Stay hydrated all the time and never get thirsty. Your body functions the best when it is fully hydrated.

4. If you drink coffee and are using the caffeine for it’s fat burning abilities, do not add sugar or cream. This negates the fat burning effects of the caffeine.

5. Never eat fruit or carbohydrates after 5pm. Eat fruit and all carbs in the am. Eat more protein and vegetables in the pm. Your body burns carbs and sugars in the am and stores them in the pm.

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