Nineteen, twenty, twenty-one. You curse as you feel your lower abs burn. Only four more leg raises to go. You either love training your core(abs) or hate it. Either way, having a strong core is beneficial.  Here are five reasons why you should strengthen your core:

    1. Strong Core Muscles Improve Sport And Overall Performance

    Strong core muscles improve performance in almost any sport. When you need to generate power, these muscles work together as a unit to help you do it. Any movement you make with your upper or lower body originates from the muscles in your core. Even if you have great upper and lower body strength, you won’t be as powerful if the core muscles are weak. Having strong core muscles also makes it easier to change directions quickly. This is important for most sports. No matter how you move, strong core muscles will help you perform better.

    2. It Improves Your Ability To Do Everyday Activities 

    Almost all your actives you do daily involve your core. Bending over while you shovel snow, getting up from a chair or even climbing the stairs is easier when you have strong core muscles. Even if you don’t plan on playing any sports, training your core can make your daily movement easier.

    3. Better Posture

    Here is a no brainer. Poor posture can ruin even the most beautiful physique. When you walk around with your shoulders slumped forward, it places stress on your low back. This makes you look out of shape even if you exercise daily at the gym. Poor posture is often due to muscle imbalances, weak low back muscles relative to abdominal muscles. Focusing on working all of the muscle in the core helps to correct this imbalance. Once this is corrected, your posture will improve and you will feel more confident.

    4. A Strong Core Reduces The Risk Of Injury

    A strong core gives you greater stability in your mid-section so you can change positions without risking injury. It also strengthens the all-important back muscles that are frequently strained from improper bending, lifting and sitting in a chair too long. Training your core muscles is one of the best defenses you can have against low back pain. Another benefit of having a strong core is that it improves your balance, which reduces your risk of falling. This becomes particularly important as we age and have less balance.

    5. A Strong Core Is One Of The Keys To Flat Abdominals

    If your goal is to get a six-pack, balance is also important. Too much focus on the abdominals to the exclusion of the other core muscles makes it harder to get the abdominal definition you’re looking for. To avoid this problem, balance exercises that work your abdominal muscles with ones that strengthen the muscles in your low back, hips and pelvis. Do a well-balanced abdominal workout that focuses on all of the muscles in abdominal region. Remember, abs are made in the kitchen. If you carry an excessive amount of body fat around your abdominal region, no amount of core work will make them visible.

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